Exclusive Lead Generation

Our lead generation services are 100% exclusive to each of our clients… meaning we DO NOT sell leads multiple times to different buyers. We provide our clients with up to 25 miles of exclusive leads in order to dominate their industries!

Location! Location! Location!

Why Lead Generation Works So Well

Lead Generation is the process of funneling interested buyers through a process that qualifies them and gathers their information. While this is happening, the buyer does not feel like they are being pushed into a hard sales-pitch, so they are very likely to share personal information or make a purchase. Lead generation is as much of an art as it is a skill.

Our Marketing Channels

Facebook & Google

High-Volume/Low-Cost Leads

Facebook is famous for providing advertisers with an extremely large volume of leads at the very lowest costs. Their targeting systems can focus on things like behaviors and interests, allowing you to narrow your target audiences and focus on people that are ready to buy!

Laser-Targeted/Warm Leads

Adwords is the “Old Faithful” in the marketing world! Tried and true, Google Adwords captures buyers while they are searching for you, increasing the potential for engagement and a purchase. The cost may be higher than Facebook, but the result is all that matters!

Qualified Lead Generation

Our Leads Are Captured With Up To 15 Data Points!

Leads are only as good as the information that comes with them. Quit buying leads that are simply “Name”, “Email”, and “Phone Number”… these are what we in the industry consider GARBAGE leads! Our leads are produced with up to 15 data points depending on the industry you are in, allowing you to qualify leads as they are submitted by using information such as “Gross Annual Income”, “Purchase Timelines”, and “Exact Buyer Intent”. When you receive a lead from Masterkey Marketing Corp, you can be 100% certain that whomever filled out that form spent enough time doing so that they can be considered a great lead!

For example, when we run campaigns for Mortgage Loan Officers, we capture data points such as credit score, if the buyer is currently working with a realtor, gross household income, total loan amount they need, what percentage down payment they want, and if they are ready to pull their credit score to get pre-approved for a loan.


Up To 25 Mile Radius of Exclusive Leads!

Something that sets us apart from our competition is our exclusivity promise. We give all our clients up to 25 miles of lead exclusivity depending on their industry, which means we do not work with any of their competition within that 25 mile radius, and we DO NOT sell your leads to any other company!

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