Attention Dentists!

We want to send you clients for free!

The video  below will show you exactly how we will get new clients through your doors using Facebook advertising.


Where Do We Begin? We Start With Facebook.

Facebook advertising is that latest and greatest tool for companies all over the world, small or large. The ability to advertise with percision and sniper your target market on a monthly, daily, or even hourly basis opened up vast opportunities for companies that simply couldn’t figure out a way to get their product out there.

There has never been a better time to advertise than right now! And no better place than Facebook! Especially as a dentist looking for new clients.

Imagine your prospected client has tooth pain. They keep putting off a trip to the dentist for fear of how much it may cost to get the tooth fixed. But every single day for the last week they have seen ads on Facebook talking about “Free exam and x-rays!” … And they WILL see the ad because the average time spent on Facebook is about 10-20 minutes EVERY HOUR! So the advertisement is getting seen A LOT! They finally decide to pull the trigger on going to the dentist, and guess which dentist they decide to visit? Your office because they have seen your ad all week, and you are offering them something of great value!

The Facebook Ad

Here is an example of the Ad they will see when they are scrolling facebook with tooth pain all week:

The Landing Page

After they click on the Ad, they will be brought to our custom landing page that is designed and tested to provide conversions.

The Lead Information

Here is where you will gather all the information you need to make this prospect a client. Since this specific advertisement is all about getting as many people through your doors as possible, the contact form will simply capture all of their contact information.

Thank You Page

After they submit their application for a free exam and x-rays, we want them to take the next step and contact your office. We provide them with a “successful” application, as well as your offices phone number. If they do not reach out to you, your office should follow up within 24 hours to make sure they do not go to a competitor’s office for help.

Sales Funnel Performance

Offer: Free Exam & X-Ray Incentive (Can do $19 for cleaning, exam, & x-rays)

Primary Conversion Type: Form Submissions

Avg Cost Per Lead: ~ $11 Cost Per Lead

Avg Client Conversion Rate: 10%-20%

Sign Up Now and Get 30-Days Absolutely FREE!

So now that you have seen they quality of work we offer, are you ready to boost your revenue and profits? We want to offer you 30-days of FREE LABOR! All you need to do is pay for the actual advertisements that drive the leads to your office.

Our labor charges for new clients include:

>>$1,000 Set-Up Fee (This covers any labor and time it takes to set up the Facebook account and get the campaign ready to advertise)

>>$500-$1500 Monthly Labor Cost (This is the process of building and testing the ads)

… By applying for our program today, you will be saving almost $2,000 in marketing costs!!! If that isn’t a good deal, I don’t know what is.

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